Friday, May 6, 2011

High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure? Me? No, not me. I mean I haven't ever had any health issues and am rarely sick. But I had a pre-employment physical the other day and my blood pressure was really high.

They said some people have elevated pressures just by going into the doctor's office but mine was really high. And my weight is way up there too. Not a good combination. I have been feeling something different and having headaches last few months but I thought it was just atmospheric with the change of altitude. Now I'm convinced it's not.

I've got to keep my diet together. I have to keep it raw.


Sofan said...

Hi there,

Keeping ourselves healthy is a challenge as we grow...mature :) I hope you feel better and healthier in no time!

Man on the Raw said...

It's getting better. I've stopped pouring salt all over everything. So obvious, but hey, I love the flavor and ignored the effects. I keep monitoring it thou and feel better. Thanks for your comment. Hard to believe it's been two months since I wrote that.